SELSE Workshop

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RAS implications of a connected world

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The last few years have seen the transformation of the Internet from a predominantly wired, PC-based structure to one based on billions of interconnected mobile devices. We are now in the midst of another transformation to a world where most communication will take place between machines, the so-called Internet of Things. Conventional RAS has not been focused on either the mobile or the IOT space, but is becoming increasingly applicable as more and more happens online. This talk looks at the range of RAS requirements in both IOT and mobile and discusses which technologies can be moved from conventional resilient computing space and which problems will require new solutions.

raitken dac


Robert C. Aitken is an ARM Fellow and heads the Silicon portion of ARM R&D. His areas of responsibility include low power design, library architecture for advanced process nodes, and design for manufacturability. His research interests include design for variability, resilient computing, and memory robustness. His group has participated in numerous chip tape-outs, including 8 at or below the 16nm node. He has published over 80 technical papers, on a wide range of topics.  Dr. Aitken joined ARM as part of its acquisition of Artisan Components in 2004. Prior to Artisan, he worked at Agilent and HP.  He has given tutorials and short courses on several subjects at conferences and universities worldwide. He holds a Ph.D. from McGill University in Canada. Dr. Aitken is an IEEE Fellow, and serves on a number of conference and workshop committees.